About Me

My name is Gina Snyder and I have three wonderful kids. My journey through pregnancy, birth and parenthood changed my life in so many wonderful ways. This journey ignited my passion for natural pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.

I am excited to be a Birth At Home instructor, certified Hypnobabies® instructor, certified birth doula and to offer placenta encapsulation services. I have been teaching childbirth education and attending births for over 5 years as well as offering placenta encapsulation for over 4 years. I am passionate about providing education and support to expectant parents so that they can make informed decisions and feel confident throughout their pregnancy and birthing time.

I believe that your birth experience is an event that you will always remember and it is my goal to support you and your family to help you have your best possible birth.

I’m so happy you are considering allowing me to join you on your journey into pregnancy and parenthood. Thank you!

I have shared my kids's two very different birth stories, Kaiden is my oldest and Jaxon my middle. You can read them by following the links below.

Jaxon's Birth Story & Video

Kaiden's Birth Story