• We Birth At Home Prenatal Classes

    A full prenatal class for everything you need to know to learn to give birth confidently at home.

  • Hypnobabies® Prenatal Classes

    Hypnobabies® is a complete, in-depth, 18 hour natural childbirth class addressing all aspects of childbirth education. You will also learn powerful self hypnosis to use during your birthing time.

  • Placenta Encapsulation

    Placenta has been used to avoid postpartum symptoms: depression, low vitality, fatigue, insufficient lactation, low birth weight and hormonal imbalance.


Offering Birth At Home and Hypnobabies® Prenatal Classes in Port Moody & Maple Ridge

*Midwife, doula and parent recommended!

Take the 6 week Birth At Home prenatal series to feel confident and prepared for your upcoming home birth

Set up in a fun and interactive format, the course encourages you get to know your fellow classmates while learning all you need to know to have a gentle and informed birth.

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Hypnobabies® is a complete childbirth education class PLUS an amazing assortment of medical hypnotic anesthesia techniques for both you and your Birth Partner to use before, during and after the birth of your baby.

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